With the daily rising death toll across the nations of the earth occasioned by the deadly covid 19 (Corona virus) Shedrack Agediga Foundation wish to lend her voice in solidarity and support of the various government directives and restriction orders and passionately appeal to all and sundry to help curtail this scourge by adhering to these precautionary measures

  1. Frequently wash your hands with soap and disinfect with alcohol
  2. Wear facial mask to prevent the virus from getting into your body through your mouth or nose
  3. Maintain safe distance( at least 6 feet) between you and anyone
  4. Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes through which the virus can easily enter your body.
  5. Observe personal hygiene
  6. Reduce your exposure to people and places
  7. Isolate for 14 days if you have been exposed to covid 19 environment
    The chairman, Comr Shedrack Agediga deeply appeal to all Nigerians especially Deltans to comply with government directives saying though compliance is not convenient but it would surely make the difference between life and death
    Furthermore, he advised all Nigerians to be calm and avoid panic. He urged those with symptoms of the virus like cough,fever to submit themselves to test early enough.
    Comply to save yourself and others.Let us win together.
    Comr. Shedrack Agediga

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