Shedrack Agediga Foundation

Our Vision is to see a stable and peaceful Niger Delta that supports good governance and development in the region.

At the wake of the hostilities in the Niger Delta and the subsequent creation of the Amnesty programme by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Comrade Shedrack Agediga (Chairman) was part of the team that trained the militants and was also involved in the process of peace restoration in the region.

Driven by his passion for sustainable peace and as a way of contributing his own quota to the restoration of peace in the Niger Delta, he formed the Shedrack Agediga Foundation. The name was chosen as a way to create a brand that was widely known during the Amnesty period and had even become a household name in the Peace Building Process in the Niger Delta.

Since its creation, the Foundation has been part of various Peace keeping missions in the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a whole and has trained over 200 youths on Conflict Management in oil producing communities which are highly prune to conflict.

Our Core Values

SAF’s core mandate is to serve humanity by supporting peace processes and peaceful coexistence. SAF understands that its actions and programmes may have implications beyond its immediate enclave. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision-making within the foundation, the foundation stands by a number of core values. These are:

Accountability: SAF strives to accept responsibility for its actions as well as operate an open system with commitment to processes such that it benefits the public and stakeholders.

Fairness: SAF, in all its dealings, endeavours to treat its partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders in a way that does not some over others.

Integrity: SAF implements all of its programmes with greatest responsibility and accountability

Respect: SAF treats people with reverence and dignity
Empowerment: SAF always strives to ensure solutions are sustainable and outcomes actually empower stakeholders to live a better life and in a more peaceful environment.

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