Martin Luther King Jr Lecture Day 2021

The Shedrack Agediga Foundation Martin Luther Kings Day

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. day is not just an event in the United States of America but a National holiday. The significance of the life and times of the Icon of Kingian Nonviolence Education that has continued to play a role in achieving peaceful agitations and process all over the globe can not be overemphasized.

The Shedrack Agediga Foundation being a Product of the innate desire to support peace and peace process by a Kingian Nonviolence Trainer; Comr Shedrack Agediga since her establishment in 2016, have celebrated every passing year having in mind the core principles of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, taking into cognizance the Global theme with local partnerships for very successful series of Dr Marthin Luther King Day Celebration over the years.

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The second wave of the Coronavirus and the peculiar love expression through social distancing and hygiene has made the decision to have a virtual event very pertinent and convenient. The 2021 Dr Martin Luther kings day commemoration by SAF is a virtual event on Zoom application that hopes to crave your indulgence to be part of the over 300 viewers from all over the world with the Global theme, Where do we go from here: Chaos or Community and the SAF conference topic: Understanding the Philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence for creating a beloved community.

While the event promises to be very impactful, we are reassured by the experience of our Guest speaker who is a veteran Kingian Nonviolence education trainer; Capt.(RTD.) Charles Alphin.

Profile of Guest Speaker

Charles L. Alphin, Sr. served as a police officer for over twenty-six (26) years in the St. Louis City Police Department, St. Louis, Missouri. During his police career he served as patrol officer, detective, juvenile officer, sergeant, platoon lieutenant and captain. Serving in the rank of captain the last ten (10) years of his career he was: Commander of Homicide/Rape and Child Abuse; District Commander; and retired as Commander of Vice/Narcotics.In 1992, after retirement from the St. Louis City Police Department, and at the request of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Captain Alphin and his wife moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to work at the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc.

He worked as a trainer in Kingian Nonviolence and in 1994 was promoted to Director of Education and Training for the King Center. In 1996 he retired from the King Center and joined LaFayette & Associates, continuing in the Kingian Nonviolence training. Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. served on the Executive Staff of Martin Luther King Jr. and trained Captain Alphin in the philosophy and methodology of Kingian Nonviolence in the late 1970s.

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He has been privileged to train both nationally and internationally in Kingian Nonviolence. He has trained law enforcement officers, at-risk and gang youth, educators, elementary, secondary and college students, professors, community leaders, clergy, and correctional officers. Nationally he has trained in Michigan; Missouri; Texas; Florida; California; Hawaii; New York; South Carolina, Rhode Island and other states. Internationally he has trained in Haiti, India, Cuba, Mexico, Old Soviet Union, Colombia, South America, South Africa, Nigeria, Israel and Palestine. In 1994 he stayed four (4) months in South Africa and assisted in the training of over 220,000 South Africans in voter education and nonviolent resistance.

One of his highest honors was to witness the historic South African elections and inauguration of President Nelson Mandela.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Captain Alphin received his Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement and Criminal Corrections from Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, Missouri. Presently he serves as Senior Trainer for LaFayette & Associates and Senior Trainer for The King Center, Atlanta, GA. He also is a Conference Director and a member of the Global Nonviolence Conference Series chaired by Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. He is married to Joyce and the father of two children and presently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Many Gains to Participate

In line with our number one organization objective, the event intends to promote the culture of peace and peacebuilding through Nonviolence education. It is also in our bid to engage in continuous sensitization and increase community awareness on alternative dispute resolution through nonviolence education that continually spurs us to share this information to encourage a beloved community.

The event also hopes to expose participants to the framework of peaceful engagements for stakeholders in communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria and the entire World.

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23 Responses

  • Congratulations to SAF on your upcoming event on PEACE. A reminder of the importance of PEACE to humanity. PEACE, the spice to social development.

  • Thanks to SAF for this Annual series that has always brought us together to remind us of the importance of Peace, Love and Paseverance.

  • I congratulate Shedrack Agediga foundation for supporting the Nation for all the aspect of distributing release materials and creating the leadership awareness and develop youths in the society, the Shedrack Agediga foundation provide the ecademically and structure of youths for the Nation for the betterment.

    I Appreciate Shedrack lucky Agediga for taken Ogulagha kingdom to the Higher level of leadership and political awareness in the international and worldwide

  • Congratulations to SAF on this year’s event, Peace building can never be over emphasized in the world at this time in point, it’s a welcome activity and hope to be part of the meeting.
    Thanks to Hon. Lucky Shedrack AGEDIGA for this wonderful idea, I wish you more ideas for a greater community building.

  • Thanks to SAF and Amb.Shedrack Agediga for this annual event mark to recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by Noble personalities in the history of the world and the gains they made in this struggle.the struggle is now with us to continue from where this Angels in human cloth stopped.

    I really appreciate Shedrack Agediga for the impact he is making in the lives of many.You are showing us a noble path to follow.You are setting this pace for us to follow. you are indeed a blessing to Humanity.thank you Sir for all that you are doing.

    I won’t miss this one.i will be there live!


  • Comrade Shedrack Lucky Agediga has remained a shinning light and an uncommon inspiration to countless young persons across the globe.

    His tenacity of purpose and commitment to the pursuit of peace and the beloved community is unparalleled. His emergence as the Delta State Civil Society Man of the Year 2020 is a manifest testimony of his selflessness in the work for humanity.

    I therefore most heartedly will be attending and also recommend this event to all members of the Delta State Civil Society Community and beyond.


    Activist Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro
    Senior Special Assistant to the Executive
    Governor of Delta State on Civic Engagement and Civil Society

  • Good day…

    I’m a beneficiary in the Dr Martin Luthe Kings
    philosophy and as such served as a co- trainer in the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria FEHN during the Presidential Armnesty Program in Nigeria.

    Professionally I’m a medical doctor.

    A Nigerian and based here in Nigeria.

  • Thanks to SAF and Amb.Shedrack Agediga.
    Inspiration is a chain of remarkable changes. One inspiration gives rise to another and the chain continues.-

  • SAF, kudos for the giant strides in the service of humanity through non-violent principles, as propagated by the deep-thinking MLK jnr, whose dedication to humanity is profoundly exemplary.
    We are proud of you ?

  • SAF thanks for this giant stride in always been part the marthin Luther King Jr lecture may the good Lord bless you real good

  • SAF as giving alot of person’s the orientation on how to deal with issues and avoid violent in other for peace to rain in our societies in the world ?. It teaches the societies how to be in peace with one and other and for us to see everyone as our brothers and sisters for our societies to have peace and leave together in harmony.

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