SAF- Sponsors various Youths for POST ECOSOC YOUTH FORUM
And it was awesome

Here’s the Report about how the program went

Export of the Ecosoc Youth Forum
At about 9:45am – An introductory speech was made by Ambassador Sixtus Obinna Nwoke to welcome the participants and to talk briefly about the agenda of the day .

An accreditation session was done by participants to put down their details .
The national anthem was taken as part of the start up agenda to identify with our beloved country with those who organized the program that’s the center for peace and envirromental justice (CEPEJ)
A welcome speech was read on behalf of Comrade sherif moulade by his P.A and also there were representatives from deltaa state broadcasting service (DBS) to cover the event
The keynote was taken by Amb. Obinna and he told us the issues surrounding the various rural communities in our country most specially the ones in the Niger delta region
He excessively explained the reasons for the breakout session for us to brainstorm on how to tackle the SDGs in the rural areas of the region
So we broke out to various groups of about 5-7 people max and it was concluded to be 5 different groups and each group nominaated leader who will be speaking on the behalf of the group members after delegation and brainstorming about the SDGs and how to tackle these issues
After the round table discussion we went back to the hall and the guest speaker was invited to come and address us and he did and he took about 20minutes to take his lecture addressing us being the future of tomorrow and he told us the difference between posterity and prosperity and that lots of people have money but they are not remembered for anything they did using Martin Luther king Jnr and Nelson Mandela as an example of how they impacted the country and how people from various part of the world are celebrating them
He made mention about needing people who should be more focused in various SDGs in our various community and in the country at large
He also asked the U.N to include us the youths into thier system so that we can have this opportunity to be able to be a voice .
After the speech various group leaders where asked to give their findings and after which there was a launching of the Y-SDGs today that the Youth Sustainable development goals and what it entails was
Activating the Youths to
1. Creating awareness of the Y-SDGs and How to implement them
2. Understandings that there different platforms for all of these to be done
3. Actions which talks about implementation strategies that we need for all of these to work

Finally the meeting was brought to a close after several pictures was taken by different groups and saf members as well .

ibilou Peremobowei Elvis (ICT SAF)

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