Imeli B. I. Daniel

Imeli B. I. Daniel has several experiences in various areas which includes

  • A sound Economist.
  • A Retail Analyst and Consultant.
  • A strategic marketing and sales professional with profound competence in strategic marketing/sales design and management; an E-commerce and Search Engine Optimization expert, a Content Curator/Marketer and a Social Media Marketing Specialist.
  • An avid entrepreneur.
  • An excellent communicator and a competent content writer.
  • A strong passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and effective leadership.
  • A self-starter and an effective team player.
  • Able to initiate, adapt and adjust to rapid organizational changes.
  • A strong economic, strategic management, financial, mathematical, computer and analytical skills.

He has a certificate in Kingian Nonvilence Mobilization and Conflict Management from University of Rhode Island ,Center for NonViolence and Peace studies ,USA 2006-2007

He speaks various languages including English,Idoma,Igbo and Hausa ,his hobbies are Reading, Researching ,Teaching and Football

He worked as a Managing director in Virtual Stores Limited

He is a co-owner of Jomamel